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Anyone interested in some cool MFU collectibles?

A friend of mine, Lisa Madden, the publisher of “The Kuryakin Files,” has a large MFU collection and she’s selling off some items. She has a PDF of these items if you are interested in purchasing any of them. Please message me and I will give you her eMail address. She accepts PayPal. Thanks!

An original script of The Moonglow Affair signed by both Norman Felton and Joe Sargent, and has their notes written on it. Excellent condition. Reasonable offers only.

Illya Kuryakin doll in original box w/gun and several outfits $65.00

MFU playing cards w/blister card (I did take them off the blister card, but they’ve never been used) $40.00

Two large ink stamps, one of IK’s face and the other the MFU logo $5.00 each

Poster: Big TNT Show w/McCallum dressed as IK (small flaw on one side edge) $5.00

MFU white coffee mug $10.00

MFU yellow/black sunglasses $5.00

MFU iPhone 5s phone cover $5.00

Arizona Highway magazine from 1965 w/article on Greatest Story Ever Told on cover $5.00

Poster: Violent Playground (McCallum early movie) in French $10.00

Poster: McCallum from a 1960’s teen magazine $3.00

A binder full of slides (220 slides) $20.00

Many pics, color and B&W from MFU and other movies/shows McCallum/Vaughn starred in: $4.00 B&W and $5.00 color

Several Teen magazines $4.00 each and I can send titles if interested
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