hypatia_66 wrote in mfu_canteen

We don't have guns but we do have tusks

If everyone carried guns in London, we'd really be in trouble. But when former convicts wield fire extinguishers and a narwhal tusk to stop a terrorist with two knives, we can only be grateful (where did they learn these things?)

London Bridge terrorist incident
London Bridge terrorist incident

But then it appeared he was wearing a suicide vest

Don't panic, anyone
Don't panic, anyone

Luckily it wasn't but the police shot him dead anyway. Tragically, two people have died of knife wounds. 

Thankfully, only special police units in the UK carry guns or it could have been a bloodbath, even without a bomb. But why don't we pay the same attention to what's been happening in Iraq? — 200 protesters were killed in the last two weeks of October, just in Nasiriyah, by police and militia.


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