lindafishes8 (lindafishes8) wrote in mfu_canteen,

A Question About Salaries I posed On Facebook.

Lindafishes8: Anyone happen to know Bob's and David's salaries when they started MFU and every year before the show was canceled?

Craig Henderson: I don't have all the figures at hand, but by fourth season Vaughn made $5,000 a week, McCallum made $4500.

Lindafishes8: I have long suspected that David made less. He certainly did the lion's share of the physical stuff, though. I read an article where he was quoted as saying, "I got the short end of the stick with that series." He was speaking of MFU Thanks for your comment!

Craig Henderson: Vaughn was the star and so no one else's salary could equal or surpass his, no matter how big McCallum had become. As I recall, McCallum's first contract gave him $900 a week and had standard increases of $200 a year if the show was renewed. So he would only be making $1500 a week for fourth season. But he was hired as an unknown to play a secondary role. Someone who takes off the way he did always goes to the producers after the first season to get his original contract torn up and get a big increase in pay. It's also well known that between second and third season he renegotiated his contract again to get paid nearly as much but not equal to Vaughn, and to stipulate what he would and wouldn't do (he did not want to appear on GIRL FROM U.N.C.L.E. and he wasn't crazy about the junky movies the studio put him in between seasons). The billing was also changed to read Starring ROBERT VAUGHN and DAVID McCALLUM, instead of Starring Vaughn, Co-Starring McCallum.

Lindafishes8: Very interesting, thanks again.

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