vysila (vysila) wrote in mfu_canteen,

PSA - Open Doors Project for File 40

I just saw a post on tumblr regarding an initiative to bring the File 40 archive over to AO3 via the Open Doors Project. As most of you know, File 40 is no longer an active archive and is only available via the wayback machine. The Open Doors Project would import all the fanfic from File 40 into the AO3, making it more accessible to fans.

AO3 is asking for the former owners/archivists/administrators of File 40 to please get in touch with the OTW at the following address:

I'm pretty sure none of the ladies are here in our LJ community, but I bet someone like st_crispins or spikesgirl58 would know how to get in touch with Chajka or Kate D or Jan Bowman. They may be active in the facebook MFU communities.

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