lindafishes8 (lindafishes8) wrote in mfu_canteen,

The Forever Young Affair is in Full Swing

I've been busy with trips to my PO Box, collecting cards to send along to David in September at his NYC address.

Have you picked out a card to send him? If not, why not? The deadline for me to include your card in this mass mailing is September 1. I'm hoping we get more cards than 2 years ago during the "Do Something For David" campaign. At least this time we'll know how many cards he'll receive.

davids bd card
Here's the card I had made at Walgreen's online. $1.61 was the final price (tax included) since I used "Honey." I even picked it up at the drive-through so I didn't have to go inside.
Tags: davd mccallum, lindafishes8

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