lindafishes8 (lindafishes8) wrote in mfu_canteen,

The Forever Young Birthday Affair

Hey, McCallum fans! Don’t miss your chance to be part of the global 87th birthday bash for David. You can be part of The Forever Young Birthday Affair by sending a card or letter for David to me and I will package them all up and have them delivered by his big day.

Now, we know snail mail takes time so cards/letters need to be in my hands NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 1 in order for your card to be included in the mass mailing. Let’s all work together to make David’s special day just Ducky!

Mail your greeting to:
David McCallum
c/o L. Schubert,
PO Box 1035,
Lorain, Ohio,
United States of America

David recent
Tags: birthday, david mcallum, lindafishes8

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