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A year ago today

On December 31st 2019 we woke to the news that devastating bushfires had swept through our local community in the early hours of the morning. A local farmer and his son were killed trying to defend their property. This was the scene to the south of us, as locals and tourists huddled on the beach at Mallacoota:

This was the scene to the north of us, as locals and tourists huddled on the beach at Malua Bay:

This was the main road from Sydney through one of our local villages (before and after):

Millions of dollars were donated to bushfire appeals, but it seems like little of that generosity has reached local people still struggling to rebuild their lives and having to fight mountains of red tape. For about six weeks we lived with the out-of-control bushfires surrounding us and spreading closer every time there was a hot, windy day. The roads out of the region in every direction were cut off by the fires. It’s still traumatic to think about it all. Last New Year’s Eve all celebrations were cancelled in our region but Sydney chose to go ahead with the fireworks. Clover Moore, Sydney’s Lord Mayor, said: “I hope this event will inspire and give hope to people at a terrible time.” Letting off a bunch of fireworks? Puh-leeeze!

There, I’ve got it off my chest! Ready to party soon?
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