duche55 (duche55) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Will you be first-footing?

It’s a tradition in Scotland, and also in Yorkshire where I grew up, for someone to bring in the New Year. One person would leave the house by the back door before midnight, carrying a lump of coal (for warmth), a silver coin (for prosperity), a piece of bread or shortbread (food), a dram of whisky (drink), and even a pinch of salt (for flavour). They would wait until the chimes of midnight had passed and then knock on the front door to be let in, bringing all those good things with them for the coming year.

According to tradition, the first-footer should be a tall, dark-haired man. (Where is Napoleon when you need him?) Blond strangers are considered a bad omen (not here, they’re not!), a superstition which probably dates from the Viking invasions, when the arrival of a blond stranger would mean you were in for a spot of raping and pillaging.
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