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One week left to enter The Bad Sex in MFU Fanfic Competition in MFUWSS!

akane42me posted this in mfuwss And, yes, yes, I have submitted a entry. If you can't poke fun at your own stuff, then who? Pop over to MFUWSS to read the other submissions... heh...

If you were tempted to submit an entry for the Bad Sex in MFU fanfic Competition, you still can!
Now that the busy holidays are over, I decided to extend our contest for another week!

Here's the original announcement, but with the new date:


As if we don't have enough to feel bad about this year, now comes this:

The Literary Review magazine has announced the cancellation of this year's “Bad Sex in Fiction” award, because 2020 has already offered more than its fair share of horrors. ... They warned, however, that the cancellation of the 2020 awards should not be taken as a license to write bad sex.”
- Forbes

We cannot take this lying down! Or standing up! Or sitting! Or kneeling! Or leaning against the kitchen wall! Or rolling under the hybiscus bushes!

I am pleased to announce the Bad Sex in MFU Fanfic Competition!
Because writing sex is hard! No pun intended!


1. This is for laughs only!

2. Authors may submit one nomination from their own writing. Not from other people's writing.
Nomination must be from anything you have previously written and posted.
The work can be a story, a drabble, a poem, any form of MFU fanfic writing. Any genre.

Do not submit new material you may be inspired to write in response to this contest.
We could make that a challenge in the future:)

3. Violence, non-consenst, and death are not allowed.

4. This Competition will be open until January 9th.
Then we will vote via anonymous comments. I'll explain how to do that when the voting opens.
The winner of the competition will receive a prize randomly selected by me from my junk drawer!

5. Nominations should follow this format:

Subject Line: Bad Sex in MFU Fanfic Competition Entry

Excerpt: The excerpt you are nominating
Title: Title of the work from which the extract was taken
Link: Link to the work
Note: Anything you wish to say about your nomination
Tags: writing

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