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Coming out of the closet, as it were...

How do you handle your fannish pursuits? Do you display them openly to anyone who might happen by to see? Or do you reveal them only to a select few close and understanding friends? Or do you tuck fandom away in a drawer or behind a couch cushion (the same one that eats the TV remote all the time). Do you proudly proclaim your fandom as a good time and a way to blow off steam, attempt to cloak it in respectability, or just not give a rat’s ass and let people think what they will?

I think fandom, in one sense, is a little bit like following an alternative lifestyle, be it gay, bi, lesbian or what-have-you). You have those determined to shove it down your throat and be in your face with it (i.e. the rabid, can’t think of anything except fandom fans), others who just shrug their shoulders and accept it as part of who they are (which I think is most of us here), and the third group who plays, but cautiously and only when they feel safe and secure within a community.

Me, personally, I’ve been a fan since around the age of six. My parents tried to discourage me, that didn’t work. My siblings annoyed and hassled me, equally ineffective. Some of us seem predestined to follow a fannish lifestyle, we learn to weave it into our daily routines and know that it’s part of what makes us what we are. It helped, of course, that I married a fellow fan, but I would be one no matter what. Fandom (not just MFU, but all fandoms) touches all the right chords within me and makes me a better person.

Now it’s your turn, cousins – how do you fan and why?
Tags: just wondering

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