Gerda (gevr) wrote in mfu_canteen,

at the last moment : a recipe for when the delightful french loves get stale, and you have leftovers :

- a leftover of french loaf or some buns that are going stale
- a leftover of chopped meat (fried) or ham or some leftover spahettisauce
- ketchup in case you use chopped meat or ham
- some grated cheese

pre-heat the oven to `150°C
cut the french loaf or the buns in two halves (top and bottom)
if necessary spread some ketchup over the halves, then spread the chopped meat or shredded ham over the kectchup (you can also use some leftover tomato sauce)
if you use spaghetti sauce you just put the spaghettisauce over the loaves
sprinkle with grated cheese
bake in the oven until the chees has melted and forms a crust

Enjoy !

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