spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Dark question for a dark (at least here) Thursday *slash ahead*

A good friend of mine suggested that this might be a good question to bash about for a bit.  Why is Slash considered the dark side of fandom (this was due to the comment – come to the Dark Side, we have cookies – being applied to slash.

Is it because nearly every slash has sex?  I personally don’t see sex as dark, evil or bad, just the opposite.  Is it because it’s between same sex partners?  Again, my above comment applies, not dark or evil.  So then why the ‘dark side’ label?   I see it as more of a joke, but can understand where my friend was coming from in asking it.  Many of us keep our slash writing tucked away not to be shared with ‘regular’ folks or family.  Even I admit to writing “/” under a pen name.  I’m not embarrassed by it, but there is an instinctive sense to just not go around sharing the news that I write homoerotic stories.  And it frankly puzzles me, yet there it is.

So, what say you, cousins, as I’m at a loss.

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