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I was asked in a comment in my last post about the site where the photos were taken. An adequate description seemed too long for a comment so I'm posting about it here.

The NMA was dedicated in 2001, which is why it looks new. The Wall in the centre has the names of all servicemen who have died since WW2 and plenty of room for extras, unfortunately new names have to be added every January. The site is large, ~60 Hectares, 150 acres, and it's due to double in size when the gravel pit next door finishes extracting. A lot of trees are being planted, that's why it's an arboretum, many as memorials in their own right. They aim to have a convoy of trees, one for every merchant ship sunk by enemy action, for example.

Although most of the memorials are military they also have them for other services to the public and other deaths, such as the Stillbirth and Neonatal Deaths Society.

This is the central area, you can see the two statues from my previous post on each side.

This is an old memorial to the London and Lancashire Insurance Company workers, which was relocated here to save it when it's original site was redeveloped.

The memorial to the lifeboat service, the RNLI.

All Jewish people who served in the British armed forces for the past four hundred years.

The Gallipoli memorial is made of glass and glows when the sun shines through it. It was paid for by a Turkish business man to commemorate the dead of both sides.

The Auxiliary Territorial Service was where women served during WW2.

So that gives you a taste of the variety of memorials there and the site is still being developed. Their website is where you can look at even more pictures.

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