R is for Raygun (kleenexwoman) wrote in mfu_canteen,
R is for Raygun

File40 off the serial numbers

So my NaNoWriMo is essentially genderswapped Man from UNCLE porn. UNCLE is AUNTY, founded by first-wave feminists who felt that women working together internationally were the key to world peace. THRUSH is PATER...I haven't worked out the acronym for either yet, but PATER is just THRUSH with an emphasis on controlling people via gendered hierarchy as well as cool little techie gadgets.

But this is nothing new. The Man from CAMP books back in the 1960s were also "serial numbers filed off" books where UNCLE was an international association of queer people, generally fighting individual evildoers rather than a large syndicate like THRUSH. And it's come to my attention that "Pulp Fiction" may have been partially Tarantino's MFU fanfiction--if you take Jules Winnfield's scary moments as being Illya playing "bad cop" and imagine it's Napoleon when Vincent Vega is on his non-date with Uma Thurman, and image The Wolf as Mr. Waverly, then the whole "two guys in black suits doing their job that involves guns and being friends" thing that both narratives have in common just falls into place.

What's your favorite thing with the serial numbers clearly filed off?

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