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the glums - part 2

A few days ago I was fangirling about the prospect of seeing the Les Mis movie.
It opened in the UK today. Anybody care to discuss?

My reaction under the cut.

HUGE disappointment.

Completely underwhelmed.

It's not that I was expecting a carbon copy of the stage show and performances, I wasn't. I didn't even mind the cuts and additions to the songs. But how can anyone take material that powerful and reduce it to something so .... meh?

OK, I'll admit Anne Hathaway was good.
Eddie Redmayne was surprisingly good.
The student ensemble scenes were good.
The crowd scenes were good.
And Colm Wilkinson - god bless you, sir!

But lovely, lovely Mr Crowe - Captain, my Captain - what on earth were you thinking?
Yes, you act the rest of them off the screen. And you can carry a tune. But Javert, no. Ohhhhh no.

One Day More was a complete and utter mess.

Helena B-C lifted her performance *directly* from the stage show.

And WTF was with all the extreme close-ups? Not that I know anything about this sort of thing, but surely Film School 101 says that you alternate wide and medium shots with the close-ups, otherwise the close-ups lose their emotional impact and just become BLOODY IRRITATING.

But, Hugh, darling, I could forgive all the rest of it if you had only done us proud on "Bring Him Home". There comes a point when you have to strike a balance between a realistic style of acting and what's actually pleasing to the ear - and that, my dear, was painful to listen to.

FYI, Mr Jackman, this is how it's done.... gentle, powerful, beautiful.


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