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Ghost from the Past Chapter 3

Napoleon and Illya attempt to discover what Thrush is up to and what they want from Jo's memory. One of my AU stories--most are posted on FF under Jkkitty. Thanks to yelizaveta52 for her beta work.

Chapter 1 http://mfu-canteen.livejournal.com/924485.html
Chapter 2 http://mfu-canteen.livejournal.com/927357.html

Chapter 3

Illya, April and Mark were in Waverly's office when the two arrived.

"Sit down," he directed his agents. "Miss Kuryakin, have you had medical check you out?"

"No sir, I am fine."

"After this briefing you are to report there and be cleared by them."

"But …."

"I believe you heard me," ending her resistance. "Mr. Kuryakin, please share what you learned from General Skobelev."

"He has informed us that Baskov was believed executed. However, he discovered that Thrush managed to bribe a guard into substituting another prisoner who was scheduled to be released. He was then spirited out of the country by them and disappeared until he showed up a few months ago in England."

"So why now?" Napoleon asked.

"From the information, the General has been able to gather, Josephina, you saw something that Thrush needs for their new offensive. The problem is that no one seems to know what that information is," Illya finished.

"Miss Kuryakin do you have any idea as to what they might be interested in."

"Do we at least know if it is a person, place or thing?" She asked. "I was with him for six months. During that time, I saw documents, people and items but nothing that I can think of that they need."

"Mr. Solo and Kuryakin you'll head to London where he was stationed. Check out Thrush headquarters, find out what they are up to."

"What about me sir, if I have what they want, won't it be better if I go with them?"

"You'll work with Mr. Slate and Miss Dancer. They're going to help you go through those months and see if you can't figure out what Thrush is after."

"They're going to interrogate me sir? It has been five years since we were together. Surely I cannot know something to help them today."

"I would rather you think of it as helping you remember. Miss Kuryakin, you're known in the GRU for your photographic memory. There's a very reasonable chance that Baskov is also aware of it." Waverly corrected.

Jo glanced at Mark and April, both who didn't look directly at her.

"If Thrush feels it's serious enough to have Baskov come out in the open, then I think it would be better if Mr. Kuryakin and I go in without their knowledge." Solo said, attempting to take the focus off Jo.

"I agree Mr. Solo. Arrangements have been made to get you close before entering London undercover. I don't think I need to impress on any of you the importance of this assignment. Thrush is up to something big. We must put a stop to it now. Dismissed."


Two days later April, Jo, and Mark sat in one of the conference rooms. Empty coffee cups, soda cans and food wrappings filled the garbage can. Frustration was running high and everyone was on edge.

"Come on Jo, think harder. You saw or heard something Thrush wants. Let's begin again," April said standing up while stretching.

"Chertvozmi ,ya ne znayu. (Damn it, I do not know)," Jo shouted as she stood and with a sweep of her hand sent the papers off the table.

Mark grabbed her, hugging her tightly.

"Come on luv, we know you're trying. We're all tired. How about we take a break, maybe get some fresh air."

"Mr. Waverly will not let me leave here until we solve this. It is as if I am hitting my head against a wall. It has been five years even a photographic memory has its limitations."

She bent down to begin picking up the papers from under the desk when she struck her head on it, sending her backwards and bumping her head on the floor.

"Jo, come on luv open your eyes," Mark was gently trying to bring her back around.

Slowly she opened them and saw both agents with worried looks on their faces.

"You gave us quite a scare. Are you okay?" April asked, pushing her back down on the couch where they had placed her as she had tried to rise.

Suddenly she said, "That is it. I know what they want."

Jo slowly sat up as she explained.

"I was in his office going through papers when I found a file hidden under a drawer. It was in code that I photocopied then read over. I did not hear him until he slammed my head into the desk. I remember blacking out. When I came through, I was in the hospital with broken ribs and a concussion."

"Do you remember the code?" Mark asked.

"I probably could with help."

Helping her up, the three of them headed toward medical and the psychologist office.


In an attempt to enter London undetected, the UNCLE jet landed at Norfolk. There the two agents boarded a small private aircraft that Illya flew into Mayfair airport on the outskirts of London. A grey 1960 Ford Zodiac was waiting for them.

Napoleon screwed up his nose at the car, "They can't be serious."

"What is wrong with the car? I asked for something that is nondescript that has been tuned up."

"That car will ruin my reputation."

"Napoleon, I am sure you will survive. The whole purpose of the car is so we are not spotted."

The senior agent slid into the passenger seat with a frown. "All I can say is it better run great. If there a problem, I'm going to give them a piece of my mind."

"Be careful. I am not sure how much you can spare."

"You know Kuryakin, you're not funny."

Illya smirked, He knew his partner would dislike the car but he preferred performance to style. Gunning the engine, he headed toward London.


They arrived at UNCLE headquarters entering through a back entrance. Brian Morton, who had recent taken over the London office, met them with additional information about Thrush's location.

"Brian, nice to see you back in the game." Solo said.

He had been sent to Greenland to "cool" off after his cancelled marriage to an uncover Thrush agent.

"Illya, Napoleon so good to see you. My advice to you two is not to get on the wrong side of the Old Man. It's not a picnic down there."

"I spent one month there when I upset him once. I'm never going to do that again," Napoleon confessed.

"Okay down to business. We originally found three possible locations where they might have hidden their new lab. The first turned out to be recently abandoned, but from the material left there, we were able to determine it had been used by Thrush."

"Anything useful?" Illya asked.

"Nothing pertaining to your search but a few things that we're following up on. The second place had a few guards protecting their arms warehouse. We're having the place closed down. The third place is in the country. It's a large compound with multiple buildings and lots of men in white coats running around among Thrush guards."

"Sounds like a winner. What do you think our chances of getting in and out without getting caught are?" The New York agents knew the fewer men involved the better the chances of pulling this off.

"With the luck you two have, I believe it's possible. We have no extra men at this time that can help you out. They're dealing with another situation in Dublin," Morton said.

"Hopefully, Napoleon and I can get in and out without backup."

"Gentlemen, I suggest you leave as you came to keep the element of surprise. Good luck."

The New York agents left through the back with only Morton knowing they were in town.


Jo lay stiffly on the couch uncomfortable with the loss of control the hypnosis would require. April with Mark sat next to her.

"Just relax and let's get this over with," April encouraged her, nodding to the psychiatrist to begin.

After a restless start and comforting words from Mark, she finally went under. The agents began the questioning. When they finished, the tapes of the session were sent with security for transcription. The doctor reestablished Jo's guards against hypnosis and gave her the suggestion to sleep until rested.

Mark began to leave, motioning to April to join him.

"I think I'll stay here so when she wakes up she isn't alone. See you in the morning."

Soon both women were sleeping.

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