laurose8 (laurose8) wrote in mfu_canteen,

The Time Luggage Game

The nerdiest member of your immediate family, a basement inventor, has invented a working time machine years before it's due, and a squad from the Temporal Transport Commission appear. Regulations demand it be destroyed, and the inventor be dumped into a place where he can't hope to do it again; 1900 or earlier. Unfortunately, since he did it at home, and told his family bits of it, that means you all have to go.

Where would you choose to go, and what would you choose to take? (Note, the TTC immunise you against any diseases you might meet, and cure any infectious ones you might take. They also cure permanent disabilities such as diabetes, so you won't have to worry about insulin. Broken bones etc, however, you're on your own.)

The enforcement agents are rather regretful, and will provide you with stuff you haven't got, as long as you clearly state what it is, and it's not too inaccessible or unwieldy. Your arrival will create another timeline, so you don't have to worry about destroying your own past.
Tags: fun and games

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