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On the Road Affair Chapter 2:6

On an affair in Milwaukee Wi the agents deal with Thrush, beer, and a motorcycle gang.

Chapter 2

The door opened and Stone walked in. The man was tall, well-built and glanced at the two agents. "Mr. Lamers so happy to meet you at last. We have a tour arranged for you then the two of us can discuss the expansion of your brewery. Dr. Nicholas," he continued looking toward Illya, "You'll also take the tour but be dropped off in the research department."

"Hey there Stone, I'd love to see your research area also. Mind if I tag along with doc here?"

Stone looked over Napoleon wondering if Solo honestly thought he didn't recognize him, but decided he was just on a fishing expedition to see what he could find out about Thrush's activity at the site. He didn't want him to suspect anything so agreed to the request.

"Sure anything that isn't under lock and key, see you later."

With that, the secretary escorted the men to a tour guide waiting for them.

The tour began in a replica of the Plank Road Brewery the original brewery then they walked outdoors and upstairs to Mueller's packaging center balcony. A blur of cans roars along conveyor belts that wound through wet machinery. The distribution center that covering the equivalent of five football fields filled with beer was next.

They climbed stairs to look down on a row of towering, shiny brew kettles where "wart," a grain extract is boiled and combined with hops and finished the tour at the historic caves, a restored portion of the original brewery where beer was stored before the invention of mechanical refrigeration.

As two men were left by their guide in the lab, they were met by Dr. Jebbs, head of the department. "Dr. Nicholas, Mr. Lamers I was told to expect you. After I show you around, Mr. Stone would like you to meet him back at the office Mr. Lamers."

A knowing look was passed between the two agents; Stone didn't want Napoleon to stumble onto whatever was going on.

The tour was very basic when Napoleon was there, but once he left Illya was shown the projects in progress and the safe.

"We have some of our latest discoveries in it and they're allowed out of the safe only if I'm here, nothing is to leave this room," Jebbs explained.

Illya acknowledged his understandng and for the rest of the day he looked over the projects he would be expected to work on while waiting for an opportunity to get into the safe.


After the tour, Napoleon had a private meeting with Stone. Napoleon pretending not to know who Stone was continued his Texan act. Stone played along with the deception believing he had the UNCLE agent unaware of his knowledge.

The two agreed to meet in a few days after Lamers had visited the other breweries in the area. As Napoleon was leaving the office, the secretary called out to him.

"Mr. Lamers, I've changed my mind if your offer is still open. I'll love to have supper with you."

"You bet honey. Where do I pick you up?" Obviously, Thrush wanted to keep an eye on him and had ordered her to accept his invitation.

She gave him an address on the east side and they arranged to meet at six for an early meal.

As Napoleon was preparing for his date, he listened to the tape that had been recorded from the bug he had planned in Stone's office before going on tour.

"Miss Langer, I want you to make arrangements to meet Mr. Lamers tonight then get lost."

"But sir, the rules say I can't date customers."

"In this case, you're just setting one up." Smiling he continued. "You don't need to worry about meeting him. I'll have a reception committee waiting for him."

"I don't want to get into any trouble," he could hear the worry in her voice.

"He won't be around to make any trouble for you or anyone else after tonight. I've some questions that I'd like him to answer and my men will just pick him up to answer them."


"Do you like your job here?" Stone threatened.

"Yes, sir."

"Then just do this and forget it. Do I make myself understood?"

The beeping of his communicator interrupted the tape.

"I only have a few minutes," Illya said. "I've found the safe but unable to get into it until later tonight. I will let you know when I leave here. It should be around 10 or so."

"Good, I've a date with Stone's secretary. She had a sudden change of mind at Stone's suggestion."

"Will you need backup?"

"No, his men plan to pick me up for a few questions. I've a few surprises in mind for them. Just give me a call before you leave. I'll be there to back you up."

After signing off, Napoleon added a few 'toys' to his pockets and headed toward his date.


Walking up the pathway at the address he was given, he sensed the men around him. Slowly removing his special, he turned quickly dart the two men behind him. Unable to stop the fist coming from his man on his left, he went down grabbing the man bringing him along. One chop and that man was out. That left only one more man to deal with.

Taking a small ball from his pocket, Napoleon threw it in the man's direction. Smoke blinded the Thrush agent for a moment allowing the UNCLE agent to rise and place his gun next to the man's head.

"Would you like to tell me what I did to earn this welcoming committee?"

The coughing man glared at Napoleon shaking his head no.

Cocking the trigger, the CEA pushed the gun harder against his head. "I have no qualms about using this."

"Okay, okay, orders. We were told to bring you in."

"Well, I'd say it didn't work out that way. Tell your boss, I'm now very interested in what he doing, and will be looking into his activities." With that, he fired the dart into the man's leg


While Napoleon was dealing with the ambush, the techs and scientists at the lab were finishing their work for the day.

Illya was still staring into his microscope when Dr. Jebbs said, "Dr. Nicholas are you ready to leave?"

"I would rather complete this sample if you do not mind. Once I get going on something I do not like to stop."

"Well I guess it would okay, Just call security when you're ready to go to lock up. Don't stay too late, you'll give the rest of us a bad name," Jebbs laughed as he waved good-bye and left.

After Illya was sure that everyone had left, he moved to the safe. Checking for alarms, he disconnected them then opened the safe that was surprising cheap. Finding the needed files, he photographed them giving them a quick once over as he did. Once finished, he replaced everything reconnecting the alarms and left the building.

As he left the office, he bumped into a worker in the lot. Passing the roll of film to the man, he continued to his car.

Driving through the night he headed toward his room in a small motel on 27th Street. He entered a darker area hoping it would encourage the gang to make contact with him without endangering others. As soon as the streetlights ended, he noticed several motorcycles following him.

As he hit the outskirts of Milwaukee, he opened his communicator, "Napoleon are you there?"

"About one-half mile behind you, what's up?"

"I think I am about to have some company. I will keep the line open."

A few minutes later the cycles split up to surround the car, forcing Illya to pull over to the side of the highway.

"Get out of the car, doc," one of the bikers said pulling open the door.

"What do you want?"

"My name is Greenwald, and we're going to have a little talk."

"I do not know what you want; you must have the wrong man. I am new to Milwaukee."

"Doc you have until tomorrow to get a certain formula out of the brewery safe and bring it to the Railroad Crossing Bar."

"I cannot do it."

"You'll get it or you'll have an accident like Dr. Barnard. You did hear he had a fatal one didn't you? Don't think the cops will help you out. He tried that and it was the cause of his accident. Do we understand each other?"

Illya lowered his eyes and with a trembling voice asked, "What file do you want me to get?"

Greenwald laughed and slapped Illya on the back, "Here's what I want."

After telling him, the agent was shoved back into his car.

"Don't think we're kidding little man, my boss isn't the forgiving type."

The bikers returned to their cycles after reminding him when and where he was to meet them.

Chapter 1  http://mfu-scrapbook.livejournal.com/768597.html

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