Maria Evans (mayamaia) wrote in mfu_canteen,
Maria Evans

From Georgie Smiling Fish, a plea for help

Reaching out to the community here: Georgie, one of the runners of, is in some distress. Her plea is below.

From me, I’d like to point out that she basically needs the money for a u-haul, and she is offering to do commissions of fic and art for the help. It’s easy, and you even get something back.

And I would just think you’re awesome, too.
This is incredibly embarrassing, but I don’t have a whole lot of pride left so here goes.

I’m losing my apartment soon. My cousin has said I can live with her and her husband, but they’re almost 500 miles away and the cottage in their back yard is very small. I need to raise money to pay for the truck and for a storage space. I’ve already sold a quarter of my book collection and I’m going to have to give away/donate/throw away almost all of my furniture but it still isn’t enough.

I won’t be able to pay anyone back, but anyone who donates can request a drabble or a manip or something else of your choosing - you pick the fandom. (Might not get it done until I’m up there and settled, so late March probably, fair warning.)

PayPal address: donation at raspberryworld dot net.

Anything anyone can do to help would be appreciated. Please boost the signal.

Thanks everyone.

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