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BodyGuard Chapter 9:14 (a double today)

Although the men weighted more than Robert did, struggling he managed to pulled each man out and under a bush. He heard the doors of the car opening at top of the hill.

"Do you think their dead?" 0ne voice asked.

"Hey it Solo and Kuryakin. They have more lives than a cat. We better check this out the boss will have our heads," another answered.

As the men started down the hill, the first one said, "Wait, smell that gas, how about we have a barbeque."

With that, he struck a match and threw it at the car.

Just as he finished pulling the agents away from the car, it exploded sending debride into the air. Robert dived into the bush along with the men. He could hear voices laughing.

"Thrush is finally rid of Solo and Kuryakin, and Martel is safe from the boy's testimony."

Then doors slammed shut and engines could be heard moving away.

Illya opened his eyes to see Robert sitting next to him. his arms surrounded his knees.

"What happened?"

Robert quickly told him what had occurred. Illya could see the difficulty the boy had holding in his tears.

"Your quick thinking saved us."

Tags: drabbles

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