sutherwinds (sutherwinds) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Hey, Spike's Girl!

Costa Rica is a small country, with lots of problems in many fields. One of the most popular is the condition of our roads. Last year, a little hole began to grow in one of the main highways and overnight, it became huge. Knowing our authorities' competence in anything, Costa Ricans reacted the only way they know. They made a lot of jokes. As a result, this page appeared everywhere, including the main newspaper. The question was: What came out of that hole? Some of the answers are under a local context or need translation, but I think most of them are quite clear. By the way, we have a female president, they enjoy making jokes about her... And, my country is very political incorrect, so I do not take responsibility for any misunderstanding. Enjoy a little Costa Rican sense of humor.
Tags: spikesgirl, surprise

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