akane42me (akane42me) wrote in mfu_canteen,

For Charlie

Charlie, you've given me many a smile.
I hope this will make you smile, too.

Love beads

A Remedy for Melancholy

Music.  I will sing to you. I promise to sing off-key, and forget the lyrics. I will sing loudly and sincerely.

Eggs.  I will cook soft scrambled eggs for you, with warm buttered toast. I will serve them on a blue plate that’s been heated in the oven.

Laughter. I will tell you knock-knock jokes and ask you how many psychiatrists it takes to change a light bulb.

Art.  I will sit on the wooden bench in front of the Picasso with you and whisper twenty seven words for the color blue.

Necklace.  I will string colored beads, love beads, onto a string for you.  Each bead is me, thinking of you.

Chocolate chip cookies.  I will bake cookies for you, with more chocolate chips than the recipe calls for. They will be lumpy and brown, crispy around the edges and soft and warm in the middle. The melty chocolate will drip on your chin. Wear something brown.

Hilltop.  I will sit with you on a hilltop at dawn to watch the sun rise. We will return at dusk, turn around the other way, and watch it set. 

Orange.  I will discuss poetry with you.  We will explore the possibility of rhyming orange and door-hinge.

Lilacs.  I will gather armfuls of pink and violet blooms, and bunch them in an oversized 19th century vase that’s glazed with salt and colored green.  We will gulp in deep breaths, filling ourselves with lilac air.

You.  I will think of you, and write to you, and be your friend.

Love beads heart

Love, Annie 

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