jkkitty (jkkitty) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Body Guard Chapter 10 (double one)

Robert stopped his sniffles and wiped his nose on his shirt.   Once more the brave child, because was just what he was, a scared child.

“I was so scared and you two wouldn’t wake up. Then those guys stopped their cars and I knew I needed to get you out of the car. And you two were so heavy but I knew you needed to hide. Then they threw that match at the car.”

“You did the right thing.”

“But what if I didn’t get you out in time?”

“Robert, how you managed I am no sure, but appreciate it.”


"You were easy Illya, but Napoleon needs to lose weight," Robert told him.

"Hey, I heard that," Napoleon had just regain consciousness.

Robert looked concerned that the agent was angry.

"It’s okay, Illya says that all the time. We need to get away now," Napoleon said.

"They left in their car saying we're dead," Robert told him.

"Let's not disappoint them," Napoleon pulled out his communicator arranging for a helicopter pick-up.


After the boy was safely delivered to headquarters, Waverly informed them they were relieved of their charge; however, they asked to be able safeguard the boy until he testified.

Tags: drabbles

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