illyushadarling (illyushadarling) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Hey, Spike! The boys hope they're not too late, but they were unavoidably detained...

yukon 39
"Hey, Napoleon, I heard Spikesgirl is feeling down." "Whu? Why, we can't have that, now, can we, Illya? We need to get out of here and pay her a little visit."

yukon 152
"Which way, Illya?" "I shall ask directions from this kind young lady."

yukon 36
"Uh, partner, are you sure that 'kind young lady' gave us the right directions?" "I believe so, Napoleon. There is decidedly less ice floating in the water than there was the last time we surfaced. We must be heading toward California."

"Okay, so I admit it should be faster to take the train, Napoleon. But couldn't we just have bought tickets instead of doing this the hard way?" "It may be tough going, Illya, but Spike's worth it!"

"Well, partner mine, I think we're finally here. I see Spikesgirl, but she doesn't look too down right now. She seems to be surrounded by lots of other friends. You can feel the love from here!" "Perhaps they also heard she was in need, and dropped by to lend their support as well."

"We hope you don't mind our being a bit late, dear Spike. There were a few minor inconveniences on the way. But we would not have missed, for all the world, this chance to say: YOU'RE THE BEST FIRST COUSIN AN UNCLE AGENT EVER HAD!"

  • So, what do you notice first

    in this shot? I am struck by how weird Illya's arms look, almost fragile.

  • What's on your night stand?

    What book do you think didn't live up to its hype? What book do you feel has been neglected? What are you reading right now?

  • Just wondering

    If you could talk to any author one-on-one about a book, who would it be?

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