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BodyGuard Chapter 12:14 (a double)

The day of the trial came, and Robert stood between Illya and Napoleon.

“Frightened?” Napoleon asked.

Robert nodded his head slightly.

Illya looked down at him, placing his hand on the boy’s shoulder. It always surprised Napoleon at how gentle Illya could be when the need arrived. He knew most people thought of his partner as cold and uncaring, but he knew the truth, Illya cared very deeply but because of his experience showed it very seldom.

“You are a strong person Robert, and I believe you are a survivor. There is nothing wrong with being afraid if you do not let it control you.”

“But you and Napoleon aren’t afraid of anything.”

Napoleon placed his hand on Robert’s other shoulder. “We’re afraid more than you can imagine. But we do what we do because we believe in it.”

As Illya went to check on the progress of the trial, Robert said to Napoleon.

“Illya doesn’t smile often does he? Has he also been hurt in the past?”

Before Napoleon could answer, Illya returned.

“You are on next. Are you ready to face Martel Robert? Napoleon and I will be at your side.”

“Let’s get him!” smiling Robert led the way.

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