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BodyGuard Chapter 13:14

As they walked into the courtroom, Napoleon remembered Waverly’s comment.

“Robert is the only one who can put Martel at the mass murder last month. When Thrush ordered his father to kill Robert he refused. Gentlemen keep him safe.”

They would see the boy was safe.


“Robert Ovella to the witness stand,” the bailiff called.

Smiling Martel knew with the boy dead he was safe. The smile faded as the door opened and Solo and Kuryakin entered with Robert between them.

“You’re dead! They told me you fried in that car.” Martel yelled.

“I feel alive how about you Illya, Robert?” Napoleon asked.

Illya sneered, “I think your friends were mistaken.”

Martel’s lawyer pulled him back into his seat, “I’ll discredit him on the stand.” He assured the Thrush chieftain.


No matter how hard he tried and how much Martel glared at him Robert never once changed his story. Looking at the agents, he told of how he saw Martel kill a number of men and order the death of others. Then how he killed Robert’s family when his father refuse to kill him as ordered.


“I’ll kill you,” Martel screamed as the jury pronounced him guilty. 

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