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Found on Ebay!

playing in water
Were they using the same hair color, I wonder?

Here's a follow up to an earlier question.

Who would you pick to play Mrs. Waverly?

Estelle Winwood, possibly?

And still have room left over.

If UNCLE was to dig through your past, what would they come up with on you?

For Your Entertainment...

I found this on YouTube - a young Robert Vaughn guest-starring in an episode of "Panic!"

He plays a man framed for murder, who is then kidnapped by the real killer.

Just wondering

I asked alynwa this question this morning. If Aunt Amy were to have been in the show, which actress would you have picked to play her?

just wondering

First season saw the guys in a host of various disguises, some more elaborate than others. Do you wish these had continued into the following seasons more than they did. I mean, wouldn't it have been great if the gorilla had actually been Illya in disguise? It would have made the episode much more interesting to me.

What say you, cousins?

A Unified Theory?

So I spent the weekend googling "The Man from U.N.C.L.E. " to see what state our fandom is in.

I'll be presenting on incorporating fandom into teaching media literacy in a week or two at a local conference, and then I'll be in LA for another teaching conference in May. But the really important one is in October in which I'll be presenting on the 50+ years of our community.

What I am seeing so far is a split developing between the old fans [chiefly first cousins] who are organized around the TV series and the new fans organized around the movie. On Fanfiction.net, the tv series has 3.2K stories [we are still very respectable] but only 299 stories for the film version.

However, on AO3, there are 4620 for the tv series and 2443 for the movie.

The platforms being utilized are also different. Series fans are here on LJ and on FB with the Yahoogroups kind of ghost towns. The film fans are over on Tumblr as far as I can see. There are also separate websites although Bob short has a website that has both, but only for info.

So a couple of questions are occurring in my mind:

1) Anyone here a fan of the film or both film and series?
Not so incidentally, I'm looking for younger film fans to connect with. Anyone have a way into that community?

2) Is anyone writing fanfic for both?

3) And now, more intriguingly, is there a way to unite the two? The canon for the series did not fill in the background for Solo and Kuryakin while the canon for the film is pre-UNCLE. Is it possible to thread them together narratively?

I have some complicated thoughts on series/film and how it's worked [or not worked] with other franchises but I'd like to hear your thoughts first ---especially if you came here because of the film.

"Dr" McCallum

I bought the boxed set of "The Invisible Man" yesterday, and found myself thinking of how often David McCallum played scientists of one kind or another:

Dr Daniel Westin (The Invisible Man)
Dr Joseph Bloom (VR.5)
Dr Henry Clervall (Frankenstein, the True Story)
Dr Donald Mallard (NCIS)

even Dr Illya Kuryakin (who of course had a PhD in Quantum Physics from Cambridge!)

And part of me is wondering whether it would be possible to bring all these characters together in one big gigantic crossover fanfic... :-D
Go here

Also: I'll be doing another study this summer, probably June, on our own fandom, where we are and how we're doing with some focus on the movie. I'm presenting “Fifty Years and Counting: How the Ever-Changing Media Sustained and Shaped The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Fandom, One of the Oldest Media Fandoms” at the first annual Fan Studies Network North America Conference, taking place at DePaul University, Oct 25-27, 2018.


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